2010 Media Democracy Day - Chicago

Sponsored by the Metro Chicago Progressive Media Network

Saturday, November 6, 2010, 8:30 am - 4:45 pm

300 S. Ashland, Chicago, Teamsters Building Hall

Overview. Draft 9/21/2010.

Plans are underway for the 2010 Media Democracy Day - Chicago (MDD). The event will be on Saturday, November 6, 2010 in order to coincide with the parent event in Vancouver.

Last year’s MDD, on November 7, 2009, held at Grace Place, downtown Chicago, was attended by some 75 participants and featured 13 panelists, representing all four quadrants of the Media Map (Mainstream media; Alternative media; Educating the public about the media; and Rules, and regulations regarding the media). Participants made the 5 breakout sessions dynamic and productive.

Links to videos from the 2009 MDD - Chicago are posted to the website www.chicagoprogmedia.org.

This year we hope to build on the successes and momentum we all established at the 2009 MDD. Our number one goal is to facilitate the development of "a networking structure" that brings together all components of the progressive media community in Chicago. This is not envisioned as yet another organization, but rather as a pattern of connection with each other and among organizations so that we can get acquainted, become familiar with other organizations, share skills, and work cooperatively to bring about a strong, interconnected progressive media community. The ultimate goal is to be able to leverage our combined strength into greater media access and representation in decision making. We would like all the voices to be heard and the real issues that affect our lives to be open to public, community debate.

Our second goal is to design the MDD itself so that it moves us further along in building our progressive media movement.

The event is open to the public. We encourage the participation of progressive, issue-oriented, activist organizations that are interested in media issues and in using the media to take their message beyond the choir, to the broader public.

This year organizers are setting our sights more ambitious and are planning a full-day event. We will be able to have panels and breakout sessions/report back in the morning. The full-day format will allow us time to incorporate a People’s Movement Assembly model of organizing and formulating statements of unity and strategy in the afternoon.

Our MDD Think Tank/Organizing Committee has been meeting since December 2009 and discussing how we can facilitate the work of the progressive community in the Chicago Area.

We welcome your ideas. If you would like to join the MDD Organizing Committee, please contact us at 708 447-1547 or at walterb306@cs.com

Keep tuned to www.chicagoprogmedia.org for updates and more information.

See the Agenda at www.chicagoprogmedia.org

Location: Teamster Building Hall, 300 S. Ashland, Chicago

Admission: $10 (No one will be turned away)



Co-sponsorship/Support: We welcome co-sponsorship from community organizations and individuals. Since we anticipate that the expenses will be considerably more due to the full-day format, we will be asking our co-sponsors to help with the funding. However, you or your organization can participate at either level:

Co-sponsor, includes name on flyers and brochure as co-sponsor and tabling space at the event.

. Contribution of at least $20.00

. Publicize MDD through website, email list serve, or otherwise

. We encourage you to have one or more representatives attending MDD

Supporter, includes name on flyers and brochures as supporter

. Publicize MDD through website, email list serve, or otherwise

. We encourage you to have one or more representatives attending MDD

For more information or to sign up as co-sponsor or supporter, call 708 447-1547 or email walterb306@cs.com.